In order to be considered for many top-tier MBA programs, you should plan to complete your application 6 – 12 months prior to your anticipated start date. Careful preparation for admissions exams can impact your score significantly, so be sure to allocate sufficient time for study prior to taking any admissions exam. The timeline below is a guideline to get you started.

Getting started: Your timeline for MBA preparation


One Year Out:

  • Register with ALB
  • Register and start studying for the Graduate Management Admission Test® (GMAT®).
  • Start gathering information and researching schools. Click here for more information on our current university partnerships.
  • Start saving, budgeting, and trying to live like a student

Nine Months Out:

  • Enroll in any prerequisite or supplemental classes.
  • Take the GMAT®, and any other required admissions exam.
  • Identify your target schools.

Six Months Out:

  • Submit your MBA applications.
  • Submit your ALB Scholarship Application

When you apply can affect your chances of being accepted to an MBA programs. Earlier is generally better, although admissions professionals caution that you should apply only when you feel you can submit your strongest application.


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