ALB Sponsorship: A Corporate Social Responsibility Program that works for you now and in the future

Corporations working with ALB are more than just sponsors.   They are members of a global network of businesses and professionals, seeking to contribute towards a sustainable development solution, and benefiting through exclusive networking, recruiting and retention strategies.

Benefits of ALB Membership

  • A Corporate Social Responsibility Program with potential to directly impact core business activities through recruitment and retention
  • Improved public image through association with ALB in local and international press releases
  • Exclusive access to top African talent with an advanced business degree, interested in working in Africa
  • Increased awareness and visibility as a leader in socially responsible business practices, through sponsorship of ALB events

Contact ALB

We welcome prospective partners who are interested in contributing to an improved talent pool in Africa.  Please contact us for more information about how ALB can work with your business to develop your recruiting, retention and CSR programs.

Current Corporate Partners:

  • gmac
  • google